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Shanti Rose Quartz Bracelet

Shanti is a state of being.
Of being blissful, of possessing knowledge
and understanding so that no stress or discord
may ruin your mental and spiritual peace.

Shantideva said, 'It is not possible to control
external events. But if I may simply control my mind,
what need is there to control other things?'

Wear this necklace to remind yourself
that the most important thing is to
take a deep breath, feel grateful and be calm.


- 6mm Rose Quartz beads
- Hand cut, pure brass lettering
- 22k gold plated
- Stretch elastic
- Dimensions: 6.75" 
- Word dimensions: 1.5"L, 0.5"W
- Handcrafted in India



Category: shakti, shanti

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