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Do you feel like a thousand different women in one?
She does. She is...
She is the modern, multifaceted Devi (goddess). 
 And this brand is a celebration of her every persona.
Serene but fierce
Destructive but compassionate
Focused but care-less
Young but with an old soul
Who struggles with restlessness
But is meditative in her creativity
Who loses herself in the nostalgia of withering weaves
But finds herself in a pair of #girlboss heels
She is Parvati.
She is Kali.
She is Shakti.


Our Ethos 

In a country that worships the female form, Ileshaa Khatau set out to build a brand to reclaim the 'shakti'.
To create products that would celebrate and remind women of their inner strength.


Parvati Villa is created and curated to resonate with the fabulous variety of roles women embody - be it as a devoted mother, independent entrepreneur or blissful yogini.

We travel across India with a discerning third eye, visiting workshops and collaborating with artisans to create clothes and accessories that you can effortlessly wear.  The products are handmade with simplicity, style and consciousness.
They tell a story and become part of yours.
They excite you, they invite you, they empower you.

Shop Parvati Villa.

Indulge your inner devi.