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The Designer

Ileshaa Khatau loves
To wear flowers in her hair
And colour outside the lines,
To tell winding stories,
And walk wondrously,
To the music of an accordion,
Losing herself in the hidden details.
Ileshaa Khatau graduated from the University of Chicago where she explored the life of the mind and majored in Political Science.
She sold fine jewellery in Alaska before returning to India to conceptualise and found Parvati Villa.
In a country that worships the female form, Ileshaa Khatau set out to build a brand to reclaim the 'shakti'.
To create products that would celebrate and remind women of their inner strength.
Aside from designing products, she has since travelled through India with a discerning third eye to bring unique products to our Colaba store - whether it's tantric amulets from Ladakh, Ahir tribal jewellery from Kutch, yak wool shawls from Sikkim, or fragrant tulsi malas from Haridwar.