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"She [Durga] looks gracious always with a sweet smile on Her lips, Her hands are one thousand in number. With various weapons in each."
Devi Bhagwatam
If this describes you - an ability to be positive, creative, multitask, and motivated take on every challenge,
please write to us at with your resume and/or portfolio. 
Browse the positions we currently have available:

Brand Manager

We are looking for a dynamic Brand Manager of mythological proportions. The position entails developing content for and overseeing our online presence, media interactions, and creative marketing to engage with new and repeat customers. An ideal candidate will be enterprising, enthusiastic and an independent thinker. It is a multifaceted role – and requires you to be a little bit of Parvati and a little bit of Kali at the same time.

Apparel Designer

We are looking for an Apparel Designer with a relaxed an easy aesthetic. Ideal candidates will be curious to research and explore different textiles. This is a hands on role, and not limited purely to making sketches. A minimum 2 years of experience is required, along with some background in production (as the role will extend to execution of designs).  Knowledge of design softwares/fashion illustrators is a plus.

Accessories Designer

We are looking for an Accessories Designer to create conversation pieces of jewellery and bags. You must be creative, practical, and enthusiastic to work with different media. This is a hands on role, and not limited purely to making sketches. A minimum of 2 years experience, as well as a working knowledge of Photoshop and Corel Draw is preferable.

Social Media Intern

We are looking a Social Media intern who is a virtual devi. The role will involve content creation and management and strategic decision making to increase visibility and conversion. Candidates should be able to articulate our brand philosophy in all communications.