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February 10, 2017

No. 2 Write yourself a little note

Although we spend so much of our lives connected - texting, messaging, commenting and sharing, how many of us take 2 minutes a day to write to ourselves? To validate our relationship with ourselves? 

Put pen to paper (literally) and be kind to yourself. Why does it have to be handwritten? Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way, says that the inconvenience of handwriting compared to typing is worth it because “we get a truer connection—to ourselves and our deepest thoughts—when we actually put pen to page.”

If you're mad about something or at yourself - get it out! Face yourself with clearer eyes, be honest with yourself and you'll be more at ease.  

Not only does it put you at ease, it can help you reduce your needless worrying and get more productive. And what couldn't you do with more time? ;) Take it from Chris Winfield, an entrepreneur who has used it to help him unleash his creativity - because when he's writing it helps his mind wander and wonder!

You can write something short and positive or long and contemplative. You can tell yourself something you want to hear or need to be told. You can make this the one thing you do solely for yourself everyday! 

With much longhand love, 

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