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February 07, 2017

Hey ladies (and the occasional gentleman), 

Have you found your Valentine this year? 

Because I have - and it is unabashedly and unapologetically ME. 

For some reason, when we say, 'I love myself', the prevailing assumption is that we're being vain or self-centred. We're programmed to love others, that 'sharing is caring' etc etc.

But what happens when you share too much? When you give away so much of yourself that you lose that sacred connection with who you were or wanted to be? If that sounds like you, join me in taking my first ever 'Challenge'!

#Loveyourself with these small gestures for the next seven days. I'm going to post one everyday till Valentine's Day so you can be your own special someone <3

With lots of (self)love, 


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