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July 05, 2016

First Stop - Jhibhi; a quaint little hamlet in the Banjar Valley. 
It's lush, it's quiet, and it's a refreshing change after the chaos of Chandigargh! 
Shanti shanti among the roses 
Shanti Yoga Jewellery Jhibhi Himachal Pradesh Travelblogger India
Why go there?
Some people pass through on the way to Manali, others choose it for it's proximity to the Jalori Pass, but I chose it becuase of Rana ji. I'm a firm believer in 'your vibe attracts your tribe'. 
B.S. Rana is the proprietor of the Doli Guesthouse, a retired fauji, and most importantly - a wealth of information and inspiration! He's making every effort to conserve the 'pahadi' way of life - whether it's using local materials to construct his cottages or growing pahadi 'lasun' (garlic). 
If you're planning a trip to the Tirthan Valley, I highly recommend spending a night here - and a chai with Ranaji. 
Jhibhi Doli Guesthouse Himachal Pradesh Travel India
Words of wisdom - 'I cannot accept what I cannot experience' - B.S. Rana
Travel tip - If you do decide to climb to the top of the Jalori Pass, make sure you suck on a lemon on your way down! It helps with altitude sickness ;)
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