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June 13, 2013

"She [Durga] looks gracious always with a sweet smile on Her lips, Her hands are one thousand in number. With various weapons in each."
- Devi Bhagwatam
The first time I visited Kolkata, 3 piercing eyes followed me everywhere. Kali was omnipresent. She was pasted on to rickshaw mirrors, in subway stations, in the sindhoor of the Bengali naris. 
It almost distracted me from the gaze of strange men on the street that followed me too.
How is it that for a nation who worships the female form, in so many avatars, many fail to worship women? The women they interact with in their everyday lives. 
How is it that shakti became a Shaktiman? And left behind the very essence and root of her meaning - that of the divine feminine, the créatrice of prakriti and all nature? 
Inspired to reclaim the shakti, and remind both men and most importantly women, of their fundamental and inner divinity, I designed, my very first Shakti necklace. 
And so began my desire to #spreadtheshakti as far and wide as possible! 

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